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Team Building Something Better Than Good Bingo Players

The journey of team building contains a certain dynamic that can help empower your team members in their personal lives and the legacy they will ultimately leave behind. Let me illustrate. Someone once told me about a funeral they had attended. It wasn’t so much that they knew the woman who had passed away, but she was the mother of a member of their team and out of respect they attended the funeral. Appropriate songs were sung and the minister stepped to the pulpit where he began to del........ Read More

Planning A Team Building Day Of Fun

Planning a team building day of fun is a great way to revitalize your group’s energy and enthusiasm, as well as improve communication and problem solving skills. There are many ideas for fun ways to increase your team’s cohesiveness and establish better working relationships. Team building activities span the breadth of the imagination, from cooking to sports, wilderness survival type adventures, music and dance, and a wide variety of other games and group exercises. For the best results, t........ Read More

Not Another Ice-breaker! Team Building With A Purpose

“We just don’t work as a team!” Janet, a group manager for a large insurance company, was complaining to Larry, her human resources consultant. “Everyone just seems to do their own thing, they don’t share information, don’t try to help each other, and don’t seem to care about anyone else’s problems. What we need is a team building offsite!” Janet and Larry decided to put together a two-day offsite for the team at a resort about two hours away from work. Janet wanted immediate f........ Read More

Corporate Team Building – Shake ‘em Up To Wake ‘em Up

Team building has become somewhat of a buzz word in corporate circles over the past few years. Many corporate event planners toss the term ‘corporate team building’ around willy-nilly as part of their marketing talk – but their events don’t always live up to the team building promise. For an event to actually transform and cement new ways of working together, it has to offer more than just lip service and a group trip to go fly-fishing. Successful corporate team building events have a ........ Read More

Team Building And The Invisible Thief

I was visiting with a motivational speaker recently and I discussed some of my views on team building. There was discussion on the need for making sure everyone could identify with the goal of the team and they understood the unique role they played on the team. Since my friend had been a part of a major team oriented business throughout his career he could identify with what I was saying and he found himself in general agreement with my assessment of the need for team building. 1) They ar........ Read More

Team Building And The Selfless Coach

Can you name that one special individual you’ve encountered in your life that has elevated you in your professional life? Some of you reading this article may remember when you became an apprentice in a shop to learn from the owner. Others may recall the more recent incarnation of the term intern. Each of us should have a person in mind that gave us the confidence and skills needed to be a team player. Many of these individuals poured out part of their lives in helping launch our careers pr........ Read More

Anything But Team Building

Mention “team building” in almost any office or company and you will likely get long faces, groans, and maybe even some good old-fashioned heckling. People avoid voluntary team building seminars and classes like voting. You practically have to bribe them and close down the bars and liquor stores in order to get them to attend—much like voting! But, team building is an important tool that will help any organization remain competitive in this fiercely global marketplace. One of the main for........ Read More

Elements For Success In Team Building Event Planning

The responsibility of organising team building events is a huge task for anyone. Everything has to be planned and implemented with sheer precision. In addition to that, team building objectives would need to be incorporated into most activities. This is why the goal of the event must first be identified prior to the planning process. Once that’s done, it would be best to run a research on the various team building activities that will achieve the intended objectives of the organisation. Brow........ Read More

Adventure Team Building – The Fun Way To Success

Adventure team building is a great way to infuse your company with new life – with a breath of fresh air! This type of team building activity incorporates many of the elements you find in traditional corporate events but accomplishes them through outdoor activities and more adventuresome games. Many companies offer adventure team building activities to serve a wide range of functions. A wide range of activities is usually offered so you can choose the one that will strengthen the values that ........ Read More

Joining An Established Team, Building For The Future

Joining an established team is very difficult. In most cases, team building happens with little intervention - the new team member is be welcomed and given time to bond, however in some cases the new team member will join a team with issues and where, regardless of the effort they make, they are unwelcome. Consider the following when joining an established team.

  • Listen more than you talk - It is particularly important when you join a new team. Entering as a know-it-all, set in your w........ Read More

    Team Building: Developing A Team To Rely On

    Team building is very important when it comes to managing people. People are simply more willing to work together, when the atmosphere encourages it. For many organizations this is quite necessary for the business to run well. When everyone gets along, things just go better. They provide better service to the customer. They work together to deliver satisfaction with smiles. They also help to promote employee retention. Customers are happy, employees are happy, and the world is now a better place........ Read More

    Creative Team Building Ideas For An Enjoyable Event!

    One of the greatest challenges in organising team building events is the need to instil creativity in the activities implemented. It is a fact that coming up with fresh ideas yourself is painful and time consuming. What’s more, team building activities have to be aligned with the corporate objectives of holding the event in the first place. Nevertheless, if you already have some idea of what you want to achieve, you can then check out the following creative team building ideas and even expou........ Read More

    Office Team Building Exercises

    There are many different kinds of office team building exercises that can be used to help improve your company’s internal communications, morale, trust, and cohesiveness. Team building exercises are undertaken in a spirit of fun, but also play an important role in strengthening your ability to function as a unit. Team building exercises can be used occasionally, such as to augment your annual general meeting, or on a more regular basis to help maintain productivity. They can also be used as a........ Read More

    Real Estate Team - Building One

    I didn't understand the concept of a real estate team at first, so I had a hard time with real estate investment. I tended to be a "lone wolf," trying to do too much myself. I have since learned that in real estate, you need a team of people you can trust and rely on. Here are some possible team members, and what they need to be on the team. 1. A mortgage broker or banker. A broker can offer many options, but a banker can make the loan decision. They each have their advantages, and you could ........ Read More

    Building A Real Estate Team has been building a real estate mortgage team that works together well and functions efficiently is one of the best tools that you can provide to creating a successful real estate or mortgage company. Before you begin building a real estate mortgage team, make sure you know all the key players. 1. Originator. 2. Price and place. 3. Processor. 4. Banking products. Each of these key players must be able to work together, having the same end in mind in order to be successful......... Read More


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    Catering Corporate Events Employee Recognition
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